The Advanced Programme in Performing Arts — PACAP—  originates from Forum Dança’s main mission, as an artistic platform, to update and transmit the knowledge and legacy of the performing arts.

Forum Dança’s performativity as an artistic institution grants PACAP with a syncretic hub for experimentation, laboratory and research, materializing, disseminating and organizing the performing arts in its dynamic nature.

The program has a length of between four to six months and aims to reclaim the roots of the curator as the one who takes care, maintains and transmits a living legacy.

Each edition is, therefore, submitted to a curator who specifically organizes the curriculum of the programme according to her/his artistic vision, inviting their local or global peers to design a curatorial line of classes, residencies, workshops; seminars or other proposed activities.

PACAP materializes and contributes in each edition to a weaving movement of processes, people, spaces and institutions that gravitate around the Forum Dança axis.

Previous Editions:



PACAP 3 curated by Vânia Rovisco

Keywords: Performance; Installation; Expanded Body; Theory Practices; Music; Visual arts; Fine arts; Poetics of the body; Formal hybridism

In the curatorship of the program, Vânia Rovisco established the act of creation as the central axis. This act is defined as a moment of free expression organized by different means and variations which are submitted to the urgency or need to affect the social and/or the individual. The multiplicity of artistic resources in the creation process confirms Performance as a total art, transdisciplinary and shifting through the constellations and ways of artistic sharing, thus claiming a contemporary structure to the curatorship of PACAP 3.

PACAP 3 was conceived as a continuous process vitalized by the conference of multiple languages in the act of experimenting, researching and physical preparation.  Body work is foundational to the program with all the different artistic languages covered in the scope of the program being directed around the axis-body. The several artists invited to teach at the program will be as much interdisciplinary as intergenerational. The goal of this teaching body will be to maintain a dynamic of continuity and disruption in the artistic process of the participants in the program. This teaching specificity is aligned with the sharing of material and processes inherent to the formal hybridism of PACAP 3.

Creation in Performance as the sum of the relational exercises, following the contemporary paradigm of the  expanded body [conscience], will be submitted in the program to the critical practice of place. Therefore, the spaces of creation assume a particular relevance in the artistic topography already designed by PACAP 3 between Coimbra, in Colégio das Artes; Montemor-o-Novo, in Espaço do Tempo; and Lisbon, in Escola Superior de Música, Culturgest and Espaço da Penha- Forum Dança. PACAP 3 will also have some specific moments open to the public like Pop-Up events or Open Studio events.

Following the idea of the total body, the program calls for the exploration of the possibilities of the hybrid potency of contemporary performance. Several resources will be activated in dialogue with the formula of theory as practice: the production of objects resulting in plastic and visual artistic languages; the spoken and written text, sending us to the performatic index of both; the migration of formal methods and strategies between media, as for instance the improvisation from music.

This programme intends to be as open as possible, aimed at a heterogenous group of people who work or are related with performance, dance, theatre, music, fine arts, visual and stage arts, poetry, literature. Personal commitment and dedication are essential to progress on our questions and perspectives on creation, and to radically and persistently depart from our routines during the 4 months of duration of PACAP 3.

Design and teachers of the programme:


Spaces and Rhythms I
Janis Dellarte
Mash Yan
Vânia Rovisco
The Plastic Body I
Antonija Livingston
António Poppe
Technical Imagination I
Yuko Kominami
Romeu Runa
Resources I
Miguel Moreira
Vânia Rovisco
Ana Salcedo
Spaces and Rhythms II
Janis Dellarte
Tanja Šmič
Vânia Rovisco
The Plastic Body II
Hugo Cristóvão
Joana Trindade
Technical Imagination II
Sónia Baptista
Yael Karavan
Manuel Magalhães
Resources II
Mónica Calle
Meg Stuart

Look Inside and Outside the Space
Abraham Hurtado
Åsa Frankenberg

Visual,Sonic and Physics Imagination
Inês Aires
Laura Kikauka
Gordon Monahand
Cátia Leitão
Theory of the Now
Ezequiel Santos
Looking Through the Camera
Pauliana Pimentel
Sam Louywck
Vera Mantero
João Parrinha
Vânia Rovisco

Residency dwells in…
Vânia Rovisco

Body Sonic Body
Jochen Arbeit
Vânia Rovisco

* Other teachers and contributions are in confirmation process

Program lenght:  April 15th 2019 to August 16th 2019

Weekdays with different schedules between 10-18 pm/ 18-24

Language: English.

Applications: until March 28th.

Eligible Candidates: Students or professionals of Performance; Dance; Theatre, Music, Plastic Arts; Visual arts; Scenic arts; Architecture; Poetry; Literature or Philosophy.

Minimum age: 20 years

Number of vacancies: 16 to 20 participants

The follow required documents to

Motivation letter- 500 characters. Pdf

Biography- 500 characters.Pdf

Video Link or video- 10 minutes top


Espaço da Penha, Forum Dança, Lisboa, April 1st, from 2pm

Auditions structure:

. A personal presentation with 6 minutes length in open format     although autonomous from technical needs.

. A movement class with practices led by Vânia Rovisco where the physicality will be approached

. A collective moment when the group will have to solve a “spacial problem”

Audition Juri

Vânia Rovisco

Dora Carvalho (Forum Dança representative)

Specialist in theory and performance practice

The final results will be informed to the candidates by email starting from February 15th.


Programme Price:

Enrolment: 100 Euros until de end of February 2019. 

Payment with two options:

1400 Euros until April 1st 2019 

Or 2 x 730 Euros: the first part until April 1st and the second until June 15th.

Vânia Rovisco Biography:

Durban, África do Sul (1975). Vânia Rovisco is a performing visual artist, creator of durational pieces installations from which she explores and actualizes relational processes. With a work anchored in research and the consequent creation of a body in process, raised in relation, the artist also works with the public in the creation of mediated experiences through space, time and perception modelling.

Vânia finished the Course for Contemporary Dance Interpreters (1998-2000) and worked as an interpreter with Meg Stuart/Damaged Gods (2001-2007) in several improvisation pieces and projects. She collaborated with Pierre Colibeuf; Helena Waldman; Gordon Monahan, among others. In 2004 she started to work on movement direction with João Brites, Gonçalo Amorim and Gonçalo Waddington/Carla Maciel.

In 2007 Vânia started to work with her body in the context of the art gallery, designing performances and installations which became foundational to her future compositions. In 2013 she premiered the solo “The Archaic, Looking Out, The Night Knight”. In 2014 she participated in the Contemporary Art fair Mostra’14. She enacted “Car silos and revolving roads” for TODOS festival and, in the same year, started to develop the project “REACTING TO TIME, Portuguese in performance”

,which deals with the transmission of the living archive of performance in Portugal in the late 60´s.In 2017 she conceived the group play EQUANIMITY – UNCHANGEABLE MOOD for the  Walk&Talk Festival in Azores. Vânia is a co-founder of the artistic platform AADK - Aktuelle Architektur der Kultur, based in Germany, Portugal and Spain. She directs workshops and seminars since 2003. She is curator of PACAP 3, the Advanced Programme in Performing Arts taking place at Forum Dança, Lisbon, between April 15th and August 16th, 2019.


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